In our immigration practice we provide legal services in the realms of naturalization/citizenship, permanent residence/green card and certain nonimmigrant visas. In all these cases, where necessary, we are able to assess the immigration impact of criminal convictions, including aggravated felonies or any offense that may be considered a crime of moral turpitude.

We are proud to assist lawful permanent resident aliens in becoming naturalized citizens of the United States.  We guide them through the entire process, including providing them an overview of the naturalization exam requirements and attending the naturalization interview.

We also represent families and individuals in obtaining lawful permanent resident (“green card”) status in the United States on the basis of family relationships (including marriage) and the Diversity Lottery program. In addition, we may assist our clients with consular processing for obtaining their immigrant visa abroad.

We advise and represent individuals in obtaining the following visa status, including:

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